"You can live your life after death" - Vahid Gazi + Interview

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"Man Changed God's Teachings, The Day Cain Killed Abel"

"The only condition for good writing is to treat the pen as you would when you are alone with yourself: honest, sincere."

Vahid Gazi gave an interview to Rupor.az. You will enjoy reading. To think wisely, to express this thought perfectly on various topics, to read is the main desire of all signature holders.
Vahid Gazi has long achieved this goal. He returned to Aghdam - this event is also the greatest reward of life. How happy he is, isn't he? How happy it is, my compatriot attracts the admiration of the motherland. Azerbaijan has been without it for many years. He has not been able to catch up with Agadam for many years.
God gave people sorrow and joy. Vahid Gazi fell in the same way. The difference is that both his sorrow and his joy are at the academic level. It is the readers' benefit to turn these feelings into a signature fluid.
Vahid Gazi's article contains all the people. There is no one in the position of Vahid Gazi. People should live in harmony with each other - this is the only salvation. This is the rock of the inscriptions engraved in history by the signature of Vahid Gazi.
I wanted to share with you the conclusions I came to in the interview I read after the full preparation in the introductory article.
If you read the interview, you will find the answer to this question: did I share?
- The homeland is people: a homeland with many talented, capable and good people is happy. Why are you so far away from your beloved country when you know this fact?

- You have to leave the place where the door is closed. Even if it is the door of the most native house.
As the public consciousness of our generation grew, the liberation movement began. In addition to experiencing the positive emotional feelings of independence, our generation also has the responsibility to build a free, democratic and just society. The occupation of Karabakh, the application of a system of governance incompatible with my political and social thinking, the poor results of the work done to ensure the material and spiritual well-being of the country, and finally it will be difficult for everyone to live in a place that does not suit my desires and beliefs.
The face of man is his desires. When you can't achieve your dreams, a person's face changes. Sometimes this change creates a terrible picture. As in "Portrait of Dorian Gray." As our desire to live in a free society remained in sight, new conditions began to demand a change of face. He had to choose the most difficult path that he could not do. I also had to choose one of the most difficult. To go out.
- Have you been away for a long time?
- I have been going for about 10 years.
- Couldn't you go?

- Journalism, politics, civil society. I tested myself in all three. I quickly realized that I would not be a successful politician, but I did not go too far, I worked for 17 years in the civil society sector. In the end, there was no room to step in all three areas. I was able to "go" many times. Like everything, it is over. I'm gone.
- Your Aghdam was also liberated from occupation. You called it the City of Spirits. Do you meet the spirit of your liberated country, the spirits of your country? How did you give him this wonderful news?

Well said - "the spirit of the country." In my imagination, the spirit of Aghdam is in the form of the Khidirli mountains, which I once watched from the wooden roof of our house. It's snowing in his head. I described that scene in Fellini's article "The Road" through Karabakh "(https://vahidqazi.com/2021/03/30/fellini-qarabagdan-kec%c9%99n-yolu/). Snow-capped mountains against the backdrop of a dilapidated house.
I would like to go to the roof of our house again and shout to the Khidirli mountains. But I saw that they knew the news before me. Because, unlike me, they did not leave the country, they were there. Like the mountains of Khidirli.
- Is there really a horror of strangeness, or is this subject the inspiration of poets?

- "A stranger has passed here" - You can live this feeling in the homeland for 100 years. If I can finish the unfinished book Don't Come, you'll read how horrible it is. And the strangeness was terrible for such poets and poetesses. There are those who take it lightly.
- How many books do you have, which one would you like everyone to read? Which of them should have a book for everyone?
- Taking into account Russian and Swedish books, 7 of my books have been published. There are those who are waiting for the publication. If I chose to read it for everyone, I would stand on the book "Baseball on a chessboard" and "Baseball on a chessboard". In the first case, I turned the lining of my heart into a work of art, and in the second case, they appeared in the form of essays, stories, articles and travel notes.
- "How do you live, how do you die, friends?" Probably, you have to get an answer to this question. Or did you get it?

- One of the journalists once asked if you do not miss abroad? I did not say that "boredom" and "boredom" are synonymous words. I said, Shusha and Hikmet Sabiroglu, I do not miss. I don't know if I could say that. I received the answer to your question in the letters of Wisdom in the first years of my arrival. I keep them, they are excellent letters.
- I think that a person is valuable in life. If you agree, then why does a person sacrifice himself for life? What is the prism of your communication in life? Is he looking at you or are you looking down on him? Maybe you stood face to face, eye to eye ...

- "Man is more valuable than life!" This is the definition of man. Supposedly valuable and knew the price. If he knows such a price, then why has man been a victim of man since the beginning? Millions die at the hands of a man. What is valuable is life, not man. It was written by man himself - man changed God's teaching to man. The day Cain killed Abel.
The value of life depends on how you live it. There is a one-day butterfly life - it flies from flower to flower in the meadow under the sun: it carries love and greetings. There is a man who has never given a man the weight of an ant's love. Whose life is precious?
At some point in your life, you realize that the value of a person is in the life he lives. You can live that life after death, just as you can "kill" it before the end of your life.
If I'm left behind, I go sideways in life, trying to be both harmonious and harmonious.
- Will you ever return to your country forever?
- I did not leave the country. If you go to bed and wake up in time, if you are there all day thinking, then you have never left. Physically, I am ready to return at any moment. It is true that the fresh air of Sweden (I use the word air figuratively, that is, freedom, justice, the work you enjoy, etc.) has taught my lungs badly, but it is still a country, a country.
- Vahid Gazi's signature shines everywhere. Maybe you will reveal the secret of such a beautiful writing to our young journalists.
"Is that so?" Is the signature visible? You know, abroad also gives a person a stimulus to live. There is a fear of disappearing, drowning, disappearing. Maybe that's why he has a passion for writing. "I'm here too, even though I'm at the other end of the world, I'm here, I'm with you." It's nice to hear you like my posts. Thank you.
For me, writing was about communicating with the other Vahid inside me. The articles were my conversations with myself. When there is no one to talk to, you talk to the person inside. I also talk to "him" and this conversation is recorded.
As the journalist is in the forefront, the first blow falls on him. In such an environment, testing a pen is sometimes more difficult than testing yourself. If he wants to write well, he has only one condition - you must behave as you would with a pen when you are alone with yourself: honest, open, naked, sincere.
- Can you describe one day and if we put this day in your life, can we say "Vahid Gazi lives meaningfully"?

- I don't know what will happen if I count the days, months, years as parts of a puzzle and collect those puzzles. Let me give you a description of a day from "Don't Come", you bring that day to life, you get the result yourself.

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