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May God have mercy on Mirza Jalil

O half-faithful State Advertising Agency! Do you remember that it was July 3 last year, when a meeting with intellectuals was organized in the Baku City Executive Power under the strict quarantine regime applied due to COVID 19? The reason was that about 800 intellectuals appealed to the head of the Baku City Executive Power Eldar Azizov to put an end to the "occupation" of the capital by foreign languages. On the instructions of Eldar Azizov, the issue was discussed at a board meeting and instructions were given to eliminate the existing problems. Corresponding member of ANAS Konul Bunyadzade, professor Gulu Maharramli, me, associate professor Irada Musayeva, associate professor Nurida Novruzova and lawyer Samad Vakilov; on the other hand, Mehdi Agayev, Chief of Baku Advertising Agency, Tajeddin Aliyev, Chief of Baku Advertising Activity Control Department, Jeyhun Isayev, Chief of Legal Department of Advertising Agency, Zaur Ganbarov, Chief of Leasing and Coordination Department, Elmin Imanov, Head of Baku City Executive Power, Intigam Mammadov was present. At the end of that meeting, you promised to meet with important officials of the Intellectual Property Agency and the Ministry of Economy to solve the problem. What happened?

O half-faithful State Advertising Agency! About a year has passed, a lot of water has flowed, the strict quarantine regime has been abolished, but I do not know about you. Speaking of water, one day on a hot summer day after you made that promise, Khashal Gurban was swept away by a flood, remember? Then Khashal Gurban's mother cursed the curse, cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed. The flood forced Khashal to return the victim. But the mother did not give up, she said, the child had a "baseball cap" on his head, return it too… The flood was forced to return it, but you could not arrange a meeting. What happened?

O half-faithful State Advertising Agency! Do you remember Fatma with a sore throat? When Beyrak Burla said to the lady: "Madam, my goal is for the married girl to play the shield, I will play the flute", Fatma Bogazca said to her: "Play, mara, mad singer!" I am a married girl, let me play, ”he said. Do you remember, Beyrak said to him:
I swear, I'm not riding a horse this time,
I'm not in Binuba.
Wasn't your house next door?
Wasn't your dog's name Biraccuq?
Wasn't your name Forty Playful Fatma?
I'll open the inside, you know! -
he said. That Bosphorus Fatma met one of those forty players every time. Once at Elif Bakeri Cafe, once at Mangalia. He ate at a fast casual restaurant, and one of his "friends" bought flowers at Gueen Flowers and the other at Love Flowers. Finally, she bought a dress at the Humariff Wedding Boutique and got married. He also told the press: “My current husband is better than before. Azrael's evil remained to himself. " See, that Bosphorus Fatma got married when you promised us a meeting with the Intellectual Property Agency, two months ago she laid down her baby, the child was forty, and now a friend and acquaintance took turns and pressed the baby's nose and "bepp". The child leaves "Hi Mommy" in his mother's arms and enters "Happy Baby". In a few months, they will have a small wedding at the Golden Ring Palace or Romance Palace, and when the guests are given ice cream, they will draw a razor and put an end to the ceremony. But you still haven't arranged a meeting. Why?

O half-faithful State Advertising Agency! There was a cat I named Jaguar Claw, and he gave birth to two parties. I promised to buy him chocolate pudding after the meeting with the important bodies of the Intellectual Property Agency and the Ministry of Economy. Jaguar Claw did not get tired of eating chicken intestines, he just wanted to change the taste of his mouth. But he got tired of coming and going, and in the end he left (because he didn't really believe your promise) under the pretext that the woman next door called him "Mother" and never came again.

O half-faithful State Advertising Agency! When you promised us, three-, four-, and five-storied cranes, which came from warm countries and nested in Azerbaijan and intensively reproduced, went to their homeland with the pleasure of breeding and rearing, returned this year, and now their offspring are still breeding, but you still Couldn't arrange a meeting. Why?

O half-faithful State Advertising Agency! The victorious Azerbaijani army swept away the 30-year-old enemy in Karabakh in 44 days. But you cannot or do not want to hold a meeting for 344 days to liberate Baku from the "occupation" of foreign languages. Why?

But you're actually right. Who are the 800 intellectuals? They will get tired of crying. According to them, it is not necessary to worry about the owners - the owners of a large stomach and esophagus. Otherwise, your place in Dalga Plaza will falter. But don't say that the coronavirus is not safe, or the public may think that the COVID 19 viruses are targeting ADRA employees exclusively in a city where millions of people shop every day.

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