Bulls don’t attack vegetarians?

  • 20:22 / 18 06 2021 |
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I didn't shave my head and shave my beard,
I did not take bribes from the people and fill my pockets,
I did not attack the property of the Jaddiz Foundation,
What have I done to you, dear friends?


It is said that time is a good judge, and His Majesty the situation is like that. Both eliminate uncertainties, put them in order, unveil mysteries in mysteries and disputes, clarify who is right, and strengthen conclusions. I have always said, and life has proved it: many details of a person's character, even unknown to him, are revealed in extreme situations.

An extreme situation reveals a person's strengths, admirability, envy, and even envy, as well as weaknesses, negatives, and surprises. Let me start with myself, not far from humility, even when I was young, old people were somewhat reluctant to speak slang and swear at me. But when my finger gets stuck in the door of the bus or unknowingly hits my finger with a hammer, I swear so much that even the nearby evergreen trees shed their leaves, the birds fly away, and at best they put their heads under their wings out of embarrassment.

Now let's get to the point. That day I came across an aphorism of Friedrich Nietzsche: "To expect everyone to be fair to you because you are a good person is like thinking that a bull will not attack you because you are a vegetarian." How right a man is.

You have probably witnessed the unjustified attacks of bulls and cows in real life. In 2018, when the new spelling rules were discussed, we also wrote our proposals. I do not want to talk about it in detail, one of the most troubling points in the rules at that time was the abbreviation of one of the double y consonants in words of Arabic origin. After the intellectuals appealed to the head of state, this nonsensical item, which was lobbied by at least 7 academics and several deputies, was removed from the project. They immediately attacked and slandered: "If we did not make that correction, they would destabilize the country." Yes, Nietzsche is right. We didn't do anything, we didn't throw stones at anyone's chickens, we explained with scientific arguments that this change was wrong… I wonder why some members of the scientific community were so poor?

It is very interesting that people who are disrespectful to their work, that is, self-respect, are more courageous in their work. What inspires them is not only the fact that their hands are at the feet of adults, but also their belief in the grandeur of their own evil resources. They consider the aristocratic behavior of the future as a weakness, act with the conclusion that "the opinion of those who do not think like us is not worthy of respect", attack, threaten, slander…

We are facing a similar situation these days. Instead of admitting their mistakes in literary language discussions, some attacked our friends. They thought we would be deaf, blind, and furry to protect ourselves from their evil. They were wrong again, and His Majesty's extreme situation (criticism of the unfinished business) revealed the aggression, hatred, enmity and weakness that lurked behind their fake smiles. Isn't this our language as well? How long will you treat him like a laboratory mouse? Shouldn't we take off our bells? Why are you taking off?

I say this without referring to anyone in particular: if we are talking about the native language of the nearly 50 million of our compatriots, the first of its values, the spelling associated with state symbols, nonsensical changes to it, the confusing attitude, it is not advisable to test our patience. As we said above (or we didn't say - I forgot), when such situations arise, it may not matter to us who owns which cow and which bullfighting bull…

Good friday…

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