The celebration of real victory - Ganira Pashayeva writes

  • 16:40 / 28 06 2021 |
  • Category: Corner

We present an article by G. Pashayeva, Chair of the Committee on Culture of the Milli Majlis.
Many years later, we celebrated the Day of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan in a different way. This year, our joy, happiness and pride as a winning country have changed. Everything will be different every year. Two or three years ago, our friend made an interesting judgment in the press - the content was as follows: Armenia unfairly received more than it should have, and this process will come to its logical end. - Azerbaijan will rise, and Armenia will experience a well-deserved decline. This judgment was completely justified. The military-political leadership of Armenia, confused by unjust "successes", began to make strange statements such as "Karabakh is Armenia and the point", "New war - new territories". Then new roads were built from Armenia to Jebrail and Kelbajar, the so-called "elections" of the so-called Khankendi regime took place, an "oath" joke was made in Shusha, a toy "parliament" will move from Khankendi to Shusha, and so on. There were statements. Armenia's depravity has reached such a level that on July 12, 2020, in addition to lawlessness in Karabakh, an attempt was made to attack Tovuz. In August, the enemy sent a reconnaissance and sabotage group to Geranboy. Finally, on September 27, at 6:00 am, Armenian troops in Karabakh attempted to attack on the line of contact. What's happened ?! "It was the last straw." "Forward!" Our glorious army, carrying out orders, overcame insurmountable obstacles in a flash and occupied impassable outposts. He showed the difference between an invader and a savior, a foreigner and a landowner, the difference between a false "winner" and true heroism. Here, the socio-political processes in Armenia take place in the shadow of the "iron fist" of Azerbaijan. Here it turns into a monument in the Iron Fist Hadrut. The "Iron Fist", which demonstrates the embarrassment of wearing fake iron at the gates of fake Armenian "heroes", gives us the solemnity of awarding real heroes.

Yes, each holiday this year has its own beauty, and the Armed Forces Day has its own place, its own mission. Universally combining the military traditions of the ancestors with the innovations of modern warfare, the Azerbaijani army under the leadership of its supreme commander Muzaffar showed the region, near and far geography, the power of truth, the truth of force. .

All the speeches of the President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Muzaffar Ilham Aliyev, who restored historical justice, were interesting and memorable; The president's speeches instilled hope and confidence in the most hopeless times; In his speeches after the historic victory, the president stands out by drawing a "road map" of how he came to valuable results, recalling one by one the promises he made in previous speeches. After all, the president's post-war speeches not only reflect how he came today, but also show our vision of the future. What new responsibilities does the Azerbaijani state have in domestic politics, in the international arena, in army building, in the economic sphere, in the political and diplomatic spheres? - Paying attention to the speeches of the head of state, in particular, on the occasion of the Armed Forces Day, we can clearly see our future obligations. We see that
- The Azerbaijani people will continue to fulfill all the tasks set by the strong political will of their president;
- We do not forget and will not forget the Khojaly genocide, the events in Karabakh, the damage caused to Azerbaijan by vandals;
- The number of our Armed Forces, the arsenal of weapons will grow even more;
- Our economic power will grow against the background of new realities;
-Everything will be done and is done for great return. This was done so that our people could safely return to their homeland and start a new life in Karabakh;

Our joy, happiness and pride are based not only on Victory - our Victory is based on a fair victory. We restored justice. This is an important basis. Let's say that an unjust victory can not be sustainable, will not bring benefits to people, will not take over the world community and so on. We have destroyed such a false heroic history of Armenia, as they can be real heroes? - We invite you to watch. We show that such an honest victory is a real winner. It is called the golden dignity of war and peace!

And finally: "Victory is a celebration of justice. This history will always remain in the hearts of the Azerbaijani people. It was a holiday of pride, a holiday of national dignity, a holiday of the indestructible spirit of the Azerbaijani people. " (President Ilham Aliyev. June 26, 2021, Gulistan Palace).


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