Presentation of a book published on the initiative of the ICYF-ERC held in 5 countries

  • 11:52 / 17 12 2021 |
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17 December 2021 The presentation of the book “Contributions of Eurasian nations to Islamic culture”, published in English by the initiative of the Eurasian Regional Center of Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF-ERC) has been held in Azerbaijan Institute of the Theology. Rector of the Institute Agil Shirinov, chairman of the Board of the ICYF-ERC Elchin Asgarov, its acting Director-General Vusal Gurbanov and director of the Center of Religious Researxhes Natig Rahimov made speeches at the presentation, where the staff and guests took part. 

It was the fifth similar event that had been held in Russia (Moscow and Kazan), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Kazakhstan (Almaty) and Azerbaijan (Baku).

The book examines the history of culture of Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Iran and Indonesia after Islam’s arrival to these countries and reflects the contribution of these peoples to the Islam civilization and culture. The article on each country is written by well-known scientists and experts from the region. This book, which reflects the paintings in accordance with the themes and is published in English, describes in detail the contribution of these countries to Islamic and Oriental culture in literature, philosophy, the history of ideas, religious sciences, architecture, painting and other fields of science and culture. At the presentations, the authors of articles on each region spoke about the content and significance of the book from the point of their personal experience and novelty, and also noted its contribution to the closer recognition of peoples of Eurasian and the OIC countries each other. 

At the initiative of the ICYF-ERC, a documentary film is planned to be shot in these countries next year as part of a corresponding project.
It should be noted that, at the initiative of the Center, a book on the topic “Islam and youth in Central Asia and the Caucasus” was published in Russian and English in 2019 and its presentation was held in different countries of the region.

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