Three documentaries on the Khojaly genocide have been made - Video

  • 17:51 / 24 02 2022 |
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Azerbaijan Television has made 3 documentaries in connection with the 30th anniversary of the Khojaly Genocide. One of the films talks about the events photoreporter Rza Diggati witnessed after the Khojaly Genocide. 

According to the information received by "Rupor" from the Department of Social Media and Public Relations of AzTV, the film is based on the events R. Diggati witnessed in Azerbaijan after the Khojaly Genocide.

Thus, the photoreporter arrived in Azerbaijan as soon as he learnt about the Khojaly Genocide; he found a way to Aghdam and met with Khojaly residents there. He also participated in the process of the swap of captives and corpses, shot what he witnessed. 

In the film, Rza Diggati speaks in detail about the events he witnessed. He has noted that he met an Armenian and was shocked by his action: "There was a spoon in the hands of the Armenian. He said, "When we find an Azerbaijani, first of all, we gouge their eyes out with this spoon and then, murder." 

The photos taken by R. Diggati are also included in the film "Speaking photos".

Nazila Mamishova, Famil Salahov, Valeh Huseynov and others, who experienced the pain of the Khojaly Genocide, have given interviews for the film.

The documentary "Speaking photos" will be broadcast on February 26, at 22:00, on AzTV.

Moreover, the film will be screened at the Park Cinema located at the Park Boulevard.
Those, who are interested in watching the film, may approach Park Cinema at 15:10, 17:10 and 19:10 on February 26.

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