"Справедливость для Ходжалы!" плакат проводится

  • 17:41 / 25 02 2022 |
  • Category: Social

The "Justice for Khojaly!" poster   related with the 30th anniversary of the Khojaly Genocide displayed    with slogan at the Vanda 
Metropolitano Stadium in the Czech Republic. 

This event took place during the match of “Atletico Madrid” – “Manchester United” Football Clubs of the Champions League.

Our young compatriot living in the Czech Republic Farid Amraliyev opened a poster with the slogan “Justice for Khojaly” in order to attract the attention of foreign visitors to the truth of Khojaly Genocide.

Despite the persistent insistence of the stadium staff to remove the poster, Farid Amraliyev managed to demonstrate it on the territory for a few minutes.

It should be noted that the Czech Republic is one of the countries that recognized the Khojaly Genocide at the parliamentary level.

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