Khojaly event was held at the Indonesian mosque - Photo

  • 12:29 / 26 02 2022 |
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Another commemorative event dedicated to the Khojaly tragedy was held at the Buya Hamka Hall of the Al-Azhar Mosque organized by the Eurasian Regional Center of ICYF (ICYF-ERC), Indonesian National Youth Council, and OIC Youth Indonesia with the support of the embassy of Azerbaijan in Jakarta, Indonesia. First, prayers were offered for the souls of the martyrs of Karabakh, and balloons were released in their memory.

According to Rupor, Ade Jamal, Vice-Rector of Al-Azhar University of Indonesia, Tantan Tofig Lubis, Vice-President of the Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum and Chairman of the National Youth Council of Indonesia, addressed the opening ceremony in February 1992. They spoke about the massacre committed by the Armenian armed forces in Khojaly, as well as Indonesia's defense of Azerbaijan's right to liberate the occupied territories, in particular, stressed the importance of spreading the truth about Khojaly to the world community.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Indonesia Mr. Jalal Mirzayev, Chairman of the Interparliamentary Commission of the House of Representatives of Indonesia Mr. Fadli Zon, Chairman of the 1st Commission of the House Mr. Helmi Fasal Zaini, Professor of the Al-Azhar University of Indonesia Mr. Husnan Bey Fanani, Chairman of the International Relations and Cooperation Committee of the People’s Consultative Assembly of Indonesia Mr. Bunyan Saptomo spoke about the importance of the “Justice for Khojaly!” campaign and the “Khojaly: Recognize to Reconcile” initiative launched by Amra Begic, Deputy Director of the Srebrenica Memorial Museum in Vienna, that calls on the Armenian leadership to recognize the Khojaly tragedy.

At the end of the event, the chairman of the OIC Youth Indonesia  Ms. Astrid Nadya Rizqita made a presentation on the "Justice for Khojaly" campaign and invited everyone to join the online campaign.


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